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4 Ways To Recreate A High-Quality Café Experience At Home

An excellent cup of coffee can help you start the day right. Unfortunately, visiting your favorite cafe can get expensive after a while. Luckily, you don't have to visit an upscale coffee shop to enjoy rich, delicious coffee. Here are some tips that can help you recreate the experience of a high-quality cafe at home using Colombian whole bean coffee:

1. Taste your coffee before adding cream or sugar

Everyone has a unique taste when it comes to their favorite way to enjoy coffee. Some people enjoy sweetening their coffee with sugar or honey, while others enjoy lightning their coffee with a little milk or cream. However, it's always best to try a new batch of coffee in its unadulterated form before making adjustments. That's because every batch of coffee has a unique flavor based on the way it was grown, roasted, and ground. Tasting your coffee before adding milk and sugar will allow you to avoid overwhelming the balanced flavor of your Colombian coffee. 

2. Purchase your coffee in small quantities

Coffee is a dry good, so many people don't expect it to have a finite shelf life. However, coffee is a drink that is best enjoyed fresh. Freshly roasted coffee beans are full of the aromatic oils responsible for the distinctive taste and aroma of high-quality coffee. Purchasing Colombian whole bean coffee in small batches will ensure that you're able to finish all of your coffee before it goes stale. 11-oz bags are the ideal size for many home coffee enthusiasts.

3. Try different brewing methods

The way you brew your coffee will affect its final flavor. To enjoy your Colombian whole bean coffee to the fullest and recreate the cafe experience at home, try different brewing methods until you find your favorite one. Creating single-cup pour-overs with Colombian coffee can allow you to enjoy a light-tasting beverage with minimal bitterness. Those who prefer fuller, more robust flavors can brew their Colombian coffee in a stovetop percolator or Moka pot to produce a well-extracted drink.

4. Serve your coffee chilled

Don't forget to experiment with different ways of serving your coffee. Cafes offer many different coffee drinks, and you can make all of them at home with the right equipment and high-quality coffee beans. You can serve your Colombian coffee over ice for a refreshing iced coffee on a hot day. To sweeten your iced coffee, use simple syrup instead of granulated sugar for best results. 

Talk to a supplier if you'd like to purchase Colombian whole bean coffee.