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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Restaurant Equipment?

Running a restaurant is a very complicated job, as you have to worry about everything from the advertising to the ingredients and their supply chain. With so much going on, it is not uncommon for small problems to slip by, and many of these issues can end up growing into major problems. Your restaurant's equipment is how you make your living, as everything that comes out of your kitchen is made from your equipment, and yet many restaurants operate with below-par ovens, refrigerators, hot plates, and microwaves. Here are a few warning signs you should be on the lookout for that indicate your restaurant equipment needs an upgrade.


Often cooks and owners will put up with poor restaurant equipment because eventually, it does work; the problem is that the time it takes to get to that useable level is often absurd in older models. From heating coils that get corroded to a degradation in the components in your fridge, all restaurant equipment has a used-by date. If your kitchen takes too long to get ready and in motion, then you might want to think about upgrading it. Customers hate long waits more than anything, so putting up with restaurant equipment that might work but takes twice as long as it should is not an effective business solution. 


It is not uncommon for veterans of restaurant kitchens to talk about specific ways to turn on ovens and hot plates, and while this is often said in a joking way, the reality is that unreliable equipment can be a huge issue. Perhaps you have to turn the oven on three times before it responds or maybe only certain parts of your fridge actually cool items. Not only do unreliable appliances often fail at the worst time, but if you get new kitchen staff, they will likely have no idea how to use very basic items in your kitchen. Don't put up with unreliable equipment; find new restaurant equipment. 

Strange Noises

While every kitchen seems to creak and groan as electricity, gas, oil, and water are pumped through them all, there is a difference between normal sounds from a kitchen to the odd sounds that indicate malfunctions. Those that work in kitchens will often recognize a change in the normal sounds that emanate from the kitchen before equipment failure. If your staff mentions this issue, take it seriously and either get a mechanic in as soon as you can or start to think about replacing the faulty equipment. 

Look for restaurant equipment to replace your old items.