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Fun Finger Food Ideas (On A Stick) For The Little Ones At Your Wedding

Children are usually just as much a part of the wedding day festivities as the adults, which means when you are planning the menu and food items for your wedding reception, it is a nice gesture to serve foods that children will like. One of the easiest ways to make sure the children at your wedding reception find something they want to eat is to have your caterer prepare at least a few finger food items. These can be served up on plates with everyone else's meals or set up on a table so parents can help the children fill their plates with foods they actually like. Here are a few finger foods on a stick to help you create an impressive serving selection for the kids at the reception. 

Mac n' Cheese Truffles - What child doesn't love mac n' cheese? Imagine this: rounded balls of savory, gooey, mac n' cheese dipped in breadcrumbs and fried to crispy perfection. This is what mac n' cheese truffles are all about. These little poppable bites can be loaded onto a skewer for easy serving and the kids at the party will probably go nuts for them. You may even have to share a few with the adults. 

Sandwich Kabobs - Why serve boring sandwiches that will probably get picked apart by little ones and even disregarded altogether? Load the ingredients of a good sandwich on a stick and you have all-out sandwich kabobs that the kiddos will have fun picking apart and actually eating. Load the kabobs with things like crispy bread cubes, sliced turkey breast folded into a small roll, cubes of mozzarella, iceberg lettuce, and cherry tomatoes. For an added pop of fun, you can serve these kabobs up in a small clear cup with just a dab of mayo or ranch dressing on the bottom for dipping. 

Watermelon Stars - Kids usually adore the bright look and sweet flavor of watermelon, and watermelon can easily be cut into fun shapes with a cookie cutter. Watermelon stars can be cut from the fruit and loaded onto a popsicle stick for easy serving. You can even load them on thinner kabobs and then line the lower half of the kabob with blueberries, strawberries, or chunks of pineapple for an added pop of color. 

Kids may be picky eaters, but with foods like this on display at your wedding reception, they are bound to find something they like. Consult with your preferred caterer for more fun food ideas for the children that will be present on your big day.