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5 Great Ways To Make Coffee The Perfect Gift

Whether you are celebrating Mother's Day, Father's Day, or someone's birthday, coffee almost always makes the perfect gift. Unless, of course, the person doesn't like coffee, which just seems crazy. If they do enjoy coffee, though, here are five great ways to make coffee into the perfect and more unique gift:

  1. Breakfast in Bed: If you live with the person, you can always wake up early, make their favorite cup of coffee, and pair it with a nice breakfast to be served in bed. This is a great way to wake up on their special day and they will definitely appreciate it. 
  2. New Coffee Maker: One of the greatest gifts is giving them the gift of great coffee every day. You can do this by helping them invest in a new coffee maker, especially if they have an old, drip coffee maker. You can upgrade this to a Keurig and pair it with a few boxes of K-cups to help them get started. They are sure to appreciate this. 
  3. A Coffee Subscription: Instead of buying a couple of boxes of K-cups, you may consider signing them up for a coffee subscription instead. There are plenty of subscription options for K-cups that will allow them to enjoy an endless amount of coffee for a long period of time. This makes an especially great gift if they already have a Keurig because then they can save money on K-cups and still indulge in their favorite cup of coffee every morning. 
  4. Coffee Recipe Book: You can also purchase a coffee recipe book that allows your friend or family member to get more creative with their cup of coffee. This is how they can take the most advantage of their Keurig machine. There are recipes for coffee cocktails, Mexican hot chocolate, and more. You can either make one from recipes you find on your own or you can purchase one since there are quite a few available. 
  5. Buy an Organizer: Anyone who owns a Keurig knows that it can be difficult to organize K-cups, which is why a K-cup organizer makes the perfect gift. There are plenty out there that look great on the countertop so they can show off the K-cups that they have while also making them easily accessible. 

When you know these five ways to make coffee the perfect gift, you can get more creative and unique with it while also gifting something that most people enjoy. Contact a company like 11th Street Coffee for more information and assistance.