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Host An Outdoor Mexican-Themed Party For Your Child's Birthday

If you would like to host an outdoor Mexican-themed party for your child's birthday, the following ideas can be added to the party plans. By implementing the ideas, your offspring and their friends will enjoy themselves, while learning about activities that are customarily practiced in Mexico.

A Variety Of Mexican Foods

Contact a Mexican restaurant that offers a delivery service and order a variety of Mexican dishes. Tacos, quesadillas, burritos, chicken with rice, and tamales are some food items to consider purchasing. Once the food is delivered to you, set up a picnic table under an outdoor canopy, or on part of your home's front porch. Arrange the food on platters that are set along the length of the table and add a container of utensils, and a stack of paper plates near the edge of the table.

Create a dining area for your child and their guests to eat in by setting up several small patio tables and chairs near the spread of food. When the party begins, instruct each guest to take a plate and utensils before selecting various food items from the picnic table. Afterward, direct each person to a seat in the makeshift dining area. 

Pinata And Prizes

Purchase a pinata and fill it with a variety of candy and small toys. Use rope to secure the pinata to a tree branch or another sturdy item that is in your back yard. Line the children up and allow them to take turns striking the pinata with a plastic bat or wooden stick. Blindfold each participant to make it more challenging to hit the pinata. After children have collected candy and toys from the ground, determine who has gathered up the most items and reward them with a small trophy or a gift certificate that can be used at a toy store or Mexican family restaurant. 

Sombrero And Dancing

Purchase recordings of Mexican songs from a music store. Buy a sombrero from a Mexican clothing store or design one out of paper mache and paint it once the paper mache has hardened. Place the sombrero on a flat portion of the ground. Ask the children to circle the hat. Play Mexican music and encourage the children to dance while each song is being played. Allow the children to create their own dance moves or demonstrate some for them to follow. Award each child with a party favor for participating in the activity. 

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